Premium School Climate Package

Premium School Climate Package

We believe school is a community and that to make meaningful change in school requires a complete climate change. While peer mediation is an effective way of influencing school climate and handling conflicts, it is only a small piece of what could create a restorative and nonviolent climate for a school.

This change starts with the adults in the school being given the skills that can then be modeled to youth. We begin by training faculty and staff in an effective communication  model based in Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and William Glasser’s Choice Theory.  We then work to do a similar workshop for parents so all the adults can be using a shared language to deal with conflicts and communication.  We believe this modeling process helps youth learn better communication skills and builds empathy through the adults around them. 


• 12-hour peer mediation training for up to 20 students and 4 staff members
• 2-hour orientation session for all faculty & staff re: how to use the program
• 3-hour implementation workshop for 3-4 staff members overseeing the program
• 10 hours consulting to: assist with implementation; mentor peer mediators; coach program staff members
• 7-hour Conflict & Effective Communication workshop for all staff members
• 7-hour Conflict & Effective Communication workshop for all interested parents

Costs: $9,250