Community Mediation, Inc. (CM) can provide mediation and facilitation services to create more harmonious neighborhoods. Whether you are in dispute with another resident over a barking dog or want to motivate your community to some action, CM can provide the necessary assistance.

Mediation Services

CM provides professional, facilitative mediation services for neighborhood residents and their families. Most mediation sessions are scheduled for 2 hours and additional sessions may be desired in order to reach understanding and a potential resolution.

We have experience in property disputes, noise issues, pets, parking, land use, beach access and other community problems.

Fees are based upon a sliding scale and are assessed by household income.

Facilitation Services

CM provides professional, impartial facilitation services for small and large group discussions. If you want to begin a new initiative in your neighborhood, help an existing group focus on a task, or create more cohesion in your community, CM can help facilitate a dialogue.


Consultation Services

A CM staff member can provide professional, competent consultation services for residents who may benefit from individual coaching in general effective communication skills or specific techniques to address a particular neighborhood conflict.