Mediation on the Go: The Art of Informal Mediation

Mediation on the Go:  The Art of Informal Mediation

workplace mediation “Mediation on the Go” is a training program designed for people who deal with day-to-day conflicts between others where a formal sit-down mediation is either impossible or unnecessary.  Parents mediate fights between their children, social workers* mediate conflicts between members of the families, educators mediate between students, law enforcement manage fights between neighbors and supervisors often mediate between direct reports who can’t get along.

This 2-day intensive training is designed to give everyday folks the skills and techniques they need to manage the conflicts of those around them.  Participants will learn:

  • Effective communication tools for conflict management
  • The distinct differences between formal and informal mediation
  • To identify and address core conflicts
  • To translate difficult messages into underlying needs using a proven 4-step method
  • To hear the underlying needs when people speak regardless of the words spoken
  • De-escalation techniques to address heated exchanges


Day-1 of this training will focus on communication and conflict.  Through the use of lecture, video, games, and hands-on exercises participants will learn the simple four-part process of Nonviolent Communication℠ (NVC) and be able to start using it to manage the conflict in their lives.  Combined with the latest in the science of conflict management, motivational research, and communication this workshop aims to develop the skills needed to make conflict a creative spark for

Day-2 of this training will focus practicing, role playing, and mastering the skills needed with life-like scenarios taken from actual mediations.  Participants will each have a chance to test these new skills in a safe and supportive setting.  In addition, participants will learn to navigate the choices we all have when responding to difficult messages.

Logistics and Costs:

This workshop is a 2 day intensive program. It cannot be done in less than two full 7-hour days.

The cost of this workshop is $3500. The cost can be reduced when combined with other training packages.

The minimum number os participants for the program is 16 and the maximum is 32.

The workshop can be tailored to fit supervisors, parents, frontline direct support staff, and law enforcement.