Empathy in the Workplace

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In the last decade, researchers have published several books confirming the benefits of fostering a culture of empathy in the workplace. Businesses, organization and schools are beginning to heed this research and take steps to create more empathic and supportive environments.

Employers are realizing that empathy is at the heart of great design and innovation. In order to design valuable and user-friendly products, they need to stand in the shoes of those who will buy and utilize their products. There is also growing appreciation for the fact that employees need a safe workplace in order to be vulnerable enough to share their most creative ideas. Empathy is also the antidote to workplace bullying, toxic workplace cultures, and conflicts that divert employees from producing their best work.

This workshop is designed to help supervisors, managers and employees create a safe, productive and nurturing culture in which people work efficiently, effectively and happily. This training will introduce participants to the basic concept of empathy: its definition, physiological aspects, and impact in a workplace environment. Topics covered will include: the difference between a toxic and an empathic work environment; the elements of a thriving workplace culture; and communication tools that support understanding and compassion.

Organizations that incorporate these characteristics experience such far-reaching results as the following:

◦ 45% lower costs

◦ 250% improvement in productivity

◦ 100% increase in revenues and profits

◦ 50% cut in accidents, absenteeism, and sickness

◦ 3.42 to 18.50 times increase in the general stock market value*

Logistics and Costs

This workshop is typically between 4 and 7 hours.

It can be presented for a minimum of 10 people or a maximum of 50 people.

The cost is $250 per hour which can be reduced with the purchase of additional training or consultation hours.

It requires a room large enough for small break-out group work and a circle of chairs when possible. An LCD projector is also required. Contact us for more details. Contact us for more details.

*Source: Miyashiro, Jerry Colonna Marie R. (2011-10-01). The Empathy Factor: Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success (p. 29). Independent Publishers Group. Kindle Edition. 

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Clients who have experienced Empathy in the Workplace:

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Southern New England Chapter of the Project Management Institute


Women’s Consortium




East Hartford Round Table of Project Managers


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