Couples & Families

Services for Couples & Families

Community Mediation, Inc. (CM) can assist families who are experiencing conflict. Whether it is parent/teen, divorce, or dealing with an elderly parent, CM can help families create a more peaceful home and more effective communication among its members.

Mediation Services

CM provides professional, facilitative mediation services for families. Most mediation sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, and additional sessions may be desired in order to reach understanding and a potential resolution.

We can mediate¬†divorce, parenting plans, parent/teen, elder issues, inheritance disputes, and more…

Fees are based upon a sliding scale and are assessed by household income. The fee includes intake and follow-up activities.[/box]

Consultation Services

A CM staff member can provide professional, competent consultation services for family members who may benefit from individual coaching in general effective communication skills or specific techniques to address a particular conflict.


Training Services

Check out our training page to see options for upcoming workshops that may also be helpful in learning skills to assist with family communication.